Conventions & Workshops

     FLORIDA DANCE MASTERS' conventions/workshops are divided into two teacher/student conventions and a teachers-only continuing education seminar. The students’ age levels are ages 6 through professional level.

     THE SPRING CONVENTION and THE BREAK OUT COMPETITION are open to FDM MEMBERS, NON-MEMBERS & THEIR STUDENTS. THE NOVEMBER CONVENTION is held over Thanksgiving weekend in Orlando, and THE SPRING CONVENTION & BREAK OUT COMPETITION is held the third or fourth weekend in April. In addition to classroom instruction, there are title competitions, as well as scholarship opportunities, for members' students at the November Convention. Opportunities for group performances in a non-adjudicated dance festival, THE ROYAL DANCE FESTIVAL, are available at THE NOVEMBER CONVENTION, and an adjudicated competition is available at THE BREAK OUT COMPETITION. Both of these are available to MEMBERS & NON-MEMBERS. Main Attraction, Florida Dance Masters' statewide dance ensemble comprised of members’ students, performs at the November Convention and BREAK OUT COMPETITION, as well as other venues.

     INTENSIVE TEACHERS SEMINAR (ITS) - Certification of dance educators has become increasingly important. As a member of Unity, Inc., an organization whose goal is to unite local, state, and national dance groups in a common cause, we have been made aware of the necessity of documenting continued education and the need for dance professionals/educators to pursue certification in the dance field. Florida Dance Masters offers not only certification, but also hours of continuing education in all areas of the dance arts. Through our ITS, we offer alternatives to the competition circuit allowing members, as well as non-members, to participate in high quality educational venues. The seminar is specially designed to provide teachers an opportunity to broaden their skills with both traditional and cutting-edge training. One objective is to qualify students for certification and subsequent membership in FDM.

     In conjunction with ITS, we offer CHOREOGRAPHY BY STUDENTS (CBS). FDM’s members’ students present their choreographic works, which have been set on their peers, before a qualified panel for critique and review. The objective is to give budding choreographers a venue to learn and grow by giving them positive and constructive feedback. Their works are then presented in an informal setting at the Thanksgiving convention.


Intensive Teachers Seminar (Old Body in Balance)- 9/23-24/2017 - ORLANDO, FL
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November Convention, solo title competitions, Royal Dance Festival, & Legacy Audition - 11/23-26/2017 - Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando

Spring Conv. & Break Out Competition - 4/27-29/2018 - Marriott, Coral Springs
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Scholarship Audition -10/8/17 - Brucie Klay's Dance Center, Tampa
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About Us

     FLORIDA DANCE MASTERS, INC. is committed to advancing the art of dance through quality education for teachers and their students. FDM is a community of dance professionals/educators who strive to offer the most up-to-date teaching techniques and standards in a friendly atmosphere where ethics and principles are strong.More about us