Persons 18 years or older who are engaged in the teaching of dance through the ownership and/or operation of a dance school; or as a dance teacher; or as an assistant of a qualified teacher; or teach dance in an institution of higher learning are eligible for FDM membership. Applicant must test in each branch of dance they teach, achieve a passing grade of at least 75%, and pay annual dues. Other professional dance organizations and teacher training schools may qualify one for FDM membership. Please inquire for a list of qualifying organizations.
     Associate membership in FDM is established for those affiliated with an FDM member teacher in a position other than dance instructor. Associate members must be recommended by one FDM member and pay annual dues.

  1. Members are certified by test to teach. They may proudly display their membership certificate and use their FDM membership in marketing. This offers much credibility to their prospective students.
  2. Members may vote and participate in the meetings and functions of FDM.
  3. Members and their students receive a reduced rate to all conventions, workshops, and special events.
  4. Members’ students are eligible to compete for dance titles; enter the scholarship audition program; and audition for Main Attraction, the statewide performing ensemble. Members’ students also have numerous opportunities for group performances.
  5. FDM provides a continuing education service for its members and keeps track of members’ hours through the continuing education chairman.

  1. Members shall strive to improve their techniques for teaching all types of dance as modified or revised in accordance with the progress of dance education.
  2. Members shall condemn, as unethical practice, the use of misleading statements in all advertising mediums.
  3. Members shall give their students the utmost measure of their knowledge in teaching the art of dance.
  4. Members are bound by the necessity of constant study, with the knowledge that dance is a living art.
  5. Members shall hold the highest respect for their profession and those within the profession. To achieve this object, the relationship with their competitors shall be motivated by the highest ideals of fair play in all business practices.
  6. Members shall condemn, as unethical practice, the flagrant solicitation of another teacher’s pupils.
  7. Members shall establish a foundation of truth and integrity in all works and deeds in their covenant with the public.
  8. Members shall further condemn, as unethical practice, the charging of fees which degrade the dignity of the dance profession.

Suggested Study Guides for exams are Florida Dance Masters, Inc.’s syllabi.
Each syllabus is $12.00 per copy plus postage and handling
Postage/Handling: 1 Book - $2.00. Add 50 cents for each additional book.
Syllabi available - Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatics, Modern
Please make check payable to: Florida Dance Masters, Inc.
Mail check to:

          Liz Bevilacqua, Membership Chairperson
          5510 Eagle Way
          Merritt Island, Florida 32953

To schedule your exam date, please contact Liz Bevilacqua at the above address, email, or call between 9 a.m. - 12 noon at 321-452-9284. Applications must be completed and mailed to the membership chairperson before exams. The cost of the exams are $20.00 for the first exam and $10.00 each additional exam. When taking your exam come prepared to take an oral and written exam. Bring your dancewear, shoes, paper and pencil.

This is a general outline and does not include all aspects of the exam:

BALLET - Approximate exam time 2 1/2 hours
  • Benefits of Ballet
  • Outline of a class
  • Requirements for Pointe
  • Understand basic musical terms
  • Time meters for such dances as Polka, Waltz etc.
  • Know feet, arm, and body positions
  • Translate/demonstrate barre work and center floor work
  • Demonstrate and count: Adagio, Allegro and Port de Bras
JAZZ - Approximate exam time 1 1/2 hours
  • Name styles of jazz
  • Feet, head and arm positions
  • Understand basic music
  • Describe/demonstrate Jazz steps, stretches, walks,
  • jumps and combinations, etc.
  • Know parts of foot, let and arms
  • Know major muscles
  • Demonstrate/count Jazz port de bras and combinations
  • Layout of a Jazz Class
TAP - Approximately 1 hour
  • Benefits of Tap
  • Rules of Good Tap Technique
  • Basic music knowledge
  • Measures for standard step, break and chorus
  • Demonstrate and count tap steps and combinations
  • Notating Tap
  • Terminology
  • Teaching Techniques for children and adult students
ACROBATICS - Approximately 1 hour
  • Describe Acrobatics
  • Outline of a class
  • Explain exercises and stretches
  • Describe Progression and explain safety precautions
  • Name elements of choreography for an acrobatic routine
  • Name Teaching aids
  • Describe/demonstrate spotting techniques or acrobatic Skills
MODERN - Approximately 1 hour
  • Define modern dance and know it's history as well as the
  • primary techniques (Graham, Humphrey, Limon)
  • Outline of a class
  • Know locomotor and non-locomotor movements and be able to describe them.
  • Be able to explain the elements of modern dance as well as space, dynamics and rhythm.

Passing grade is 75 percent


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