FLORIDA DANCE MASTERS, INC. provides thousands of dollars each year to members’ students through its annual Scholarship Audition Program. Edith and Bill Royal, the founders of this scholarship program, created it to give young and talented dancers the opportunity to experience the dance audition process which is so necessary to learn when pursuing a dance career. This program is a one-of-a-kind. There is no other program like it anywhere in the United States. Ari Bloustein directed the program after Edith Royal's death and cultivated it into something the Royals only dreamed of. Last year over $10,000.00 was awarded to help students further their dance education. The audition is currently held in October and is open to FDM members’ students. Auditions are held in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Acrobatics. The scholarships are awarded at the November Convention's Royal Banquet.

Scholarship Audition - 10/8/17 - Brucie Klay's Dance Center - Tampa
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     FLORIDA DANCE MASTERS, INC. is committed to advancing the art of dance through quality education for teachers and their students. FDM is a community of dance professionals/educators who strive to offer the most up-to-date teaching techniques and standards in a friendly atmosphere where ethics and principles are strong.More about us